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To rediscover passion, you need to completely let yourself go and free your body and mind from restrictions. Experience a limitless kind of sexuality and the countless opportunities your sexuality offers you. Immerse yourself in a new sexual experience with pjur INFINITY!

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pjur INFINITY silicone-based is your premium personal lubricant. Perfect for sex & massages, it leaves your skin feeling silky soft. The formula is free from preservatives and still provides lasting lubrication, with all the opportunities that brings for diving into a limitless kind of sexuality.

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The exciting new premium
personal lubricant for
an extra dose of sensation.

pjur INFINITY water-based is your premium personal lubricant. It’s ideal for use with sex toys and also cares for your skin. The formula gives your sexuality a boost with an extra dose of sensation, releasing countless opportunities for discovering something new.

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Explore your body and your desires while masturbating 

Not only can masturbation do you good when you’re single, but it can also rekindle your sex life in a relationship. If it feels good, it’s allowed. The important thing is to make sure you don’t see it as a taboo. Everyone should be able to enjoy their sexuality—and if you pleasure yourself more, it’s easier to define what you like and what you don’t.

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Be physically & emotionally intimate with your partner

INTIMACY is defined as a state of close connection. Two people reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings to each other. People show their partner exactly who they are. Despite common misconceptions, intimacy doesn’t just refer to a couple’s physical closeness with each other, it also covers emotional closeness too. Both a physical and emotional connection are important for a fulfilling love life.

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Experience sex with all your senses

Experiencing sex with all your senses, being completely in the moment, and giving yourself up to your partner won’t just improve your sex life; it will also boost the intimacy in your relationship. Take your time and concentrate fully on each other.

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Talk openly about your emotional and sexual needs

Think about what you like, what you find arousing and how you want to be touched and talk about it. Because the foundation for a happy sex life is interaction with each other, whether that’s physical or mental contact through conversation.

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